“Start Me With Me Ten”: Nelson on What Grays Harbor and this Country Needs

In honor of Monday morning – or something – I was going to crank out yet another stunning post on What Grays Harbor and the Country Needs for Candidates and Elective Office Holders: The Cliff’s Notes Version. But Nelson Eddy beat me to it. In 1940. (If you don’t know who Nelson Eddy was, you’ll get no sympathy from me, bub.  Hint: Ask your grandmother.)

“If I have to, I’ll go alone”

Sappy? Yep. But the clip below is from 1940, so lighten up. Anyway, the lyrics still ring true.  Note: If you miss this, you’ll be kicking yourself in the morning.  (The resolution is clear. Promise. Unless you’re a DemoLib, in which case you won’t get this anyway, so never mind.)

Note again: This was back  when everyone was “men.”  Crank it up a few notches for present day. Just sayin’.

Note #3: Think of “ship” as Ship of State. Then think: Who do I know who fits Nelson’s description? (Topping my list: Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Judge Jeanine.)

Ready? Lights! Camera!… etc.:

Give me some men who are stout-hearted men

Who will fight for the right they adore.

Start me with ten who are stout-hearted men

And I’ll soon give you ten thousand more!

Shoulder and shoulder, and bolder and bolder

They grow as they go to the fore

Then there’s nothing in this world

Can halt or mar a plan

When stout-hearted men

Can stick together man-to-man.

You who have dreams
If you act, they will come true
To turn your dreams to a fact
It’s up to you
If you have the soul and the spirit
Never fear it, you’ll see it through
Hearts can inspire
Other hearts with their fire
Let the flame burn high

For tonight we do or we die…

Give me some men who are stout-hearted men…