Senator Di Gun Ban Fi: Round 6,982

If it’s spring, it’s gun ban season. Sure as spring follows winter and Beavis follows Butthead, Sen. Dianne Gun Ban Feinstein is at it again. 

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As reported in The Daily Caller, Di Fi has renewed round 6,982 of her annual push on the gun ban front:

“California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is circulating a letter on Capitol Hill calling once again for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and asking for President Barack Obama to keep his State of the Union promise to make 2014 a “year of action.”

Citing the Gun Control Act of 1968, Feinstein states, “In recent years… importers of firearms have taken advantage of ATF’s interpretation of the ‘sporting purposes’ test to evade the import ban.”

Fine. Two can play at that game. So, ICYMI, here’s a little deja vu from last spring about what Di Fi, Vivek Murthy, Babalu Barry and their ilk are really about on the “gun ban” score:


She’s serious. No, really. Long-TIME gun grabber Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was out on the Sunday talking head circuit on April 21, 2013 doing what she does best: exploiting another tragedy to promote her anti-gun agenda. This TIME it was the Boston bombings.

In an exchange reminiscent of Abbott & Costello’s Who’s on First, Feinstein reiterated her seminal justification for impinging on the Second Amendment: “I don’t think so.”  Her response to Chris Wallace about why Watertown citizens shouldn’t be able to protect themselves with a weapon of their choice when an armed and dangerous suspect is on the loose:  “Do they need assault an assault weapon?” she chirps. “I don’t think so.”

When Wallace follows up with, “Shouldn’t they have the right to decide whatever weapon they feel they need to protect themselves?,” Di Fi jumped to machine guns, 12-gauge shotguns, the element of surprise, and “police all over Watertown.”

They Know Best

Essentially, Sen. Feinstein’s answer to whether or not you should be able to decide what weapon you need to defend yourself of your family is No. Because as any good Lib will tell you, They Know Best.

Remember, opines the good senator, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

Any guesses as to why Feinstein doesn’t wage war against warrantless search and seizures and apparent Fourth Amendment violations in Boston? If she’s going to trample on the Constitution, why stop at the Second Amendment?

Next Question: Can someone please find Di Fi a real job?