Laura Levite: Keepin’ It Classy Hon, Or Just Auditioning for Bill Maher?

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.

– Dietrich Bonhoeffer

What a charmer.

I was going to draft a really nifty post skewering Laura Levite*, Tolerance Nazi Extraordinaire, but then I figured, why bother? I’ve got better things to do than spill ink on a Troglodyte. Like watch grass grow. However, I take exception to some of the Conserv sentiment that’s being bandied about on this insufferable woman (notice I didn’t say “lady”), which goes like this: “She’s just after publicity. Ignore her.”

I have an answer to that sentiment: No.

Why? Because you don’t give rabid Troglodytes like Levite an open platform to spew their hate and invective unchallenged. Remember Edmund Burke. If you don’t remember Edmund, look up Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Martin Niemoller. You don’t ignore this kind of rhetorical bile. Doing so just emboldens the haters to spew forth more – until contemptible cretins like Laura Looney become “mainstream.” And make no mistake, folks, if Laura Looney’s vile comments regarding male conservative Christians don’t qualify as “hate,” nothing does.

Yes, this pathetic excuse for a D-list “comedian” is in serious need of the standard “wash your mouth out with soap” mommy lecture, although we’d probably have to haul Ivory in by the truckload to make it count. It’s not just the mouth, either. It’s the brain. Both cells.

Tolerance Nazis
Then again, Ms. Mouth’s comments shouldn’t surprise anyone. Sadly, but not surprisingly, it’s who she is. The hate and vitriol this li’l charmer embodies are the predictable, puerile result of “tolerance” according to the Looney Left, most notably the pro-abort wing of the LL. You know them little darlin’s. They’re the usual thugs and bigots who’ve made careers out of calling everyone and anyone who disagrees with them thugs and bigots. They’re busy biting about “tolerance” like beavers at a birch bark convention – as long as you agree with them. Differ, and wait for the cudgel. Or the ca-ca mouth.

And hey, Conservs, can we please stop taking the bait, jumping into the Laura Looney pig sty and responding in kind? We don’t need to do rhetorical swine swap. We’re better than that.

Meanwhile, a few questions for Ms. Mouth:

  • Why are Tolerance Nazis like you only  “tolerant” as long as everyone agrees with you?
  • Keeping it classy, Laur, or just auditioning for Bill Maher?
  • Hey sweetie, did you have to take special coursework in Rank, Wretched and Petty Puerile, or does it come naturally?
  • If you hate male conservative Christians so much, why not move to some place where you don’t have to worry about ’em – like Afghanistan?
  • Need help packing?


* I’m not going to reproduce her comments here, because: 1) You can look them up yourself; 2) This is a G-rated blog and I’m not goin’ there; 3) I have to get back to my lawn.


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