‘Snark!’ Has Finally Made Landfall

Snark BookCoverImageJust in time to mark our one-year blogging anniversary, Snark! A Conservelocity Anthology is now available!

This brilliant collection of rapier wit and incisive insight features nearly 300 pages of the best in prickly political commentary from Conservelocity, all in one handy-dandy volume. Arranged by subject in rough chronological order.  Chapters include:

  • First Things First
  • Grays Harbor
  • Obummercare
  • DemoLibitis: It Really IS a Disease
  • Women
  • Life
  • Second Amendment
  • Holidays
  • Lamestram Media
  • Constitutional Questions
  • Potomac Two-Step
  • Zim-Zim-aree
  • The Wing Nut Wing
  • (Good) Stuff That Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else

Join the fun! Snark! A Conservelocity Anthology is available in both hard copy and ebook, so you can laugh your head off poking fun at both sides of the aisle any time, anywhere.

Grab your copy today!


  •  If you’re looking for Marquess of Queensberry rules, keep looking.
  • Yes, it was a lot of work. Much thanks to fellow authors Pat, Rick and Chris for their sterling contributions.
  • Yes, you can submit a review. No, we are not taking stupid reviews because we’re not wasting time on dumbbells.
  • No, you cannot *borrow* the proofs.  That’s cheating. So is asking for a *free* copy. This is America. Kindly buy your own. Free market capitalists everywhere thank you.
  • One last thing. Kindly holler if you find any typos.  I’ve been through the proofs something like nine million times and everything’s starting to resemble Egyptian hieroglyphics. Thanks el mucho.

Snark! Kindle edition

Hard copy


(Yes, YOU!)