Cliven Bundy, the 2nd and the 1st: A Hop, Skip, and a Jump

Win one for the good guys.

Backed up by a sizable number of armed citizens, rancher Cliven Bundy of Bunkerville, NV won this round and sent the feds riding off into the sunset. (Has anyone else noticed how “Bunkerville” sounds an awful lot like “Bunker Hill”? What’re the odds?)

This was a big win for David in the usual citizen peon David vs. big government Goliath match. Your Average Joe and Josephine finally had enough. Government thugs were pushed back. And oh yeah, for your average DemoLib who persists in nattering on about “gun control,” this is Exhibit A in why the Founding Fathers included Amendment 2 in the U.S. Constitution: resisting tyranny. (If that’s Greek to you, look it up.)

Make no mistake. This thing is far from over. But freedom-loving Americans won this round. The ability to arm oneself a la the Second Amendment played a major role in the brouhaha. But there were other factors. One that’s been overlooked by most includes the role the First Amendment played in the kerfuffle:

Did you notice how quickly the public got the word about the besieged Bundys and responded?  How many video cams were present in Nevada? How everything and anything was being recorded? How many mobile devices were out? How many photos were being taken? How everything was being documented in living Technicolor by Your Average Joe and Josephine? Splashed all over social media? Tweeted, Facebooked, texted, blogged, videoed, YouTubed and spread around the planet at warp speed?

The First Amendment, aided by modern technology, makes it possible for the average American to bypass the lamestream media and make something happen called “going viral.”  And it can be very, very effective. Especially when perception matters. When light can be shed in dark places that folks like Harry Reid, Babalu Barry and Elijah Cummings would prefer to keep under wraps and out of the public eye, where they can get away with it.

Win two for the good guys.


Newsflash: federal (or state or local) thugs don’t usually back down because there’s a twofer sale on chocolate éclairs. Faced with a determined bunch of cowboys (you can take than any way you want) and a watching world, BLM agents,, had little choice. They were looking at a united front, et. al. Stiffened spines. The Second Amendment in tandem with the First. And publicity. Tons and tons of publicity they couldn’t control. In other words, perception matters. (Why do you think both sides of the political aisle work overtime at “spin”?)

 Federal agents firing on a bunch of flag-waving Americans makes the former look like federal agents firing on a bunch of flag-waving Americans. And who wants to look like that? Had this thing in Nevada turned into a shooting war, the BLM and those on the opposite side of Bundy would’ve found themselves up to their eyebrows in a Godzilla-sized public relations nightmare, splashed all over everywhere from sea to shining sea. And beyond.

There was a time when government could operate in the dark. Cut back room deals that never saw the light of day. Steal from peon citizens and no one ever heard about it.

Those days are pretty much over.

This is why the First Amendment is so crucial. Why free speech and a free press matter. Why citizen journalists and independent news affiliates are imperative. Why attempts to silence, harass and intimidate should be fought tooth and nail. It’s also why IRS targeting of conservatives like Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote effects you, too. Because if the Infernal Gestapo Service can harass and attempt to silence Engelbrecht based on political differences, without getting caught or held accountable, what makes you think it can’t or won’t do likewise to you?

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.’ – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

 While we’re on the subject, why do you think every despot in the world tries to control and/or eliminate the free access and transmission of information, whether in print or the electronic media, the alternate media, or the Internet? Remember Pravda? Remember that it was once against the law to teach a slave to read or write? Ever wonder why? Short answer: Because knowledge is power. Because anyone who can read and write for him/herself is a just a hop, skip and a jump from someone who can think for his/herself, instead of swallowing whatever spin the gov cranks out, willy-nilly. There’s nothing that gives Big Government DemoLibs cause for pause like a private citizen who has the skills and the know-how to think for his/her self and start asking questions.

Free speech and a free press is one way your Average Joe and Josephine and Cliven Bundy & Co. can hold government accountable – and tell it and its  jack-booted BLM brown shirts where to get off.

Free speech and free access to information is also why Barry Babalu’s DOTCOM Act and the possibility of Russia or China seizing the Internet is no minor hiccup.

Patriot, don’t ever think your voice doesn’t matter. That’s exactly what the opposition wants you to think, because “Sit down and shut up” is a hop, skip and a jump from serfdom.

So, tick off a DemoLib and speak up.  Arm yourself in both the First and Second Amendment sense. Besides, there’s nothing more fun than turning on a light and watching the cockroaches dive for the dark.

Who’s game?