Bundy & the BLM: Short & Sweet

Unless you’ve been in a cave or a coma lately, you’ve heard about the standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the BLM. You’ll be delighted to know that I’m not going to re-hash the particulars here, thank you very much.  I’m going to pose a few quick questions instead. Ready? Here goes:

  • If a fence can be erected to shut U.S. citizens out of U.S. soil, how come same can’t be erected to secure our borders?
  • Did you see the firepower those BLM agents and NPS dudes brought in against a U.S. citizen? What were they expecting, Kosovo?
  • What is Harry Reid’s role in this?
  • Do you understand why the judicial system is so important, and how appointing Lefty kooks to the bench invariably leads to tyranny?
  • How long will it take for the usual suspects to blame Bush and launch into “you’re a racist”?
  • Where was Prez. Pinnochio last weekend? Was there a twofer sale on Ping putters?
  • Do you agree or disagree with Glenn Beck’s take? (Methinks he’s confusing “vengeance” with “defense.”  They are not the same.)
  • If the Bundy cattle are “illegal,” how come the feds haven’t issued them food stamps, free housing, a free education and free medical?

This isn’t over.  And maybe it shouldn’t be.

What say you?




2 thoughts on “Bundy & the BLM: Short & Sweet

  1. I am glad to see that people are standing up for this rancher that seems to be getting hosed. But I have to ask why has there not been the same outcry for Justina up in Boston? Why do we not have 10,000 people walk into the hospital and help that family get their daughter back? Tyranny by any other name smells the same, but I get a little more worked up about those parents rights for control over the care of the child than this guys cows. Don’t get me wrong, this stinks in both cases.


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