‘How Obama Got Elected’ – or – Should an IQ Test Be Required in Order to Vote

Back when I was young and foolish – about twenty minutes ago – I had the unmitigated gall to post a video interview of self-identified dumbbell voters, How Obama Got Elected. Okay, okay. Technically, they said they voted for Obama. But give it a quick look-see:

I rest my case.

I titled said post, How Obama Got Elected: Stupid People Voted For Him. (Not much has changed, has it?) Said post engendered this predictable response from an Obamabot: “How dare you insult our president! How dare you call people who voted for Obama ‘stupid’! I am offended!” Said Obamabot brayeth, “Congratulations, you just lost a reader.”

To which I smiled sweetly and chirped:

“Thanks for the tip, sis. Don’t let the door hitcha on your way out.”

The vid speaks for itself. What’re the odds she – or any other Obamabot – even bothered to watch it? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

So, whaddya think? Was Ms. Stomp-Off-In-A-Huff, Can’t-Handle-The-Truth among the first to sign-up for Obummercare? And hey babe, isn’t being offended all the time exhausting? Wake up and smell the coffee – if ya can find it.



We’re taking a break from blogging in observance of Easter. See you next week.