Why You Should Protest the NRA and Hold Hands Around the Campfire and Sing ‘Kum-Ba-Yah’

“If your life is in danger, you should be able to use a weapon to protect yourself, right?”

Your average third grader can probably answer this question without breaking a sweat. Unfortunately, such sweat seemed scarce at a recent *protest* at National Rifle Association Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. MRCTV was on the scene to ask protestors what they were doing and why.

One protestor claimed that “Thirty thousand people die of gun violence in this country every year and it’s their (the NRA’s) fault.” She did not elaborate.

Another shrilled that the “NRA is cynically manipulating people’s fear and paranoia with complete… mis… lies.” The word “misinformation” seemed beyond her, but don’t worry. So were any examples.

“The bottom line is making money” opined another sign-waver who was perhaps unable to locate the nearest “Occupy” riot. Too bad she hasn’t mastered Google and visited the National Rifle Association’s web site (it takes two mouse clicks). If she could figure that out, she might also discover that: “The National Rifle Association is America’s longest-standing civil rights organization. We’re proud defenders of history’s patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.” Anyone with a three- minute attention span can find out more at the NRA’s About page.

Rushing in where angels fear to tread, Ms. “Making Money” continued, “It’s cynical. It’s un-American and it’s un-patriotic.”


Another protestor bleated that “Second Amendment rights don’t trump the rights of the 30,000 people killed who died of gun violence this year.” Additional brilliant commentary: “Just stay away from bad neighborhoods. Choose to avoid illegal activity.”

Is NASA recruiting for rocket scientists?

Then there’s this gem: “The only people who should be allowed to carry weapons in public areas are current and off-duty law enforcement officers.” Because when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

Wait. It gets better. When the reporter asked, “So, if you’re in the wrong place, you’re just screwed?”, the response was “Yes.”

Oh, fine. Let’s all hold hands around the campfire and sing another chorus of “Kum-Ba-Yah.” While we’re at it, can someone kindly dig up a copy of the U.S. Constitution for these folks and explain that just as the First Amendment is not limited to media professionals, neither is the Second limited to law enforcement? Meanwhile, where’s a third grader when we need one?


This article was previously published at BuzzPo and Positively Republican!


2 thoughts on “Why You Should Protest the NRA and Hold Hands Around the Campfire and Sing ‘Kum-Ba-Yah’

  1. You forgot to mention, the anti-gun kooks believe that John Hancock signed the US Constitution.
    Only downside of the other area, is that Wayne LaPierre talked about national permits, when he should oppose anything INFRINGING on 2A, unless the allegations from last year when the UN and Feinstein were trying to screw gun owners with “assault” rubbish, the NRA was alleged to have been vying for position to become a government agency with regulatory and enforcement powers, a national firearms registry. The Twenty-Seven Words of 2A remain where Constitutional Carry is a Right, and not a Privilege.


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