Like SHE’D Know? Sandra Fluke on “What Moms Really Need This Mother’s Day”

Facebook - Public Domain
Facebook – Public Domain

Oh, joy. Sandra Fluke is running for state Senate in California’s District 26. Remember Sandra? She’s the Cornell grad, Georgetown law student and “leader for gender equality and reproductive rights” who could afford tens of thousands of dollars in tuition but wanted taxpayers to foot the bill for her birth control. Trumpets her web site:

 Sandra came to national attention in 2012 when she testified before members of Congress regarding comprehensive reproductive health care coverage. She then fought back against Rush Limbaugh when he and conservative commentators and politicians launched sexist attacks against her and all women, protecting a woman’s right to be heard by her government without fear of being silenced. Once thrust into the national spotlight, she used this platform as a powerful tool to speak out for progressive change.

Besides gaining fame when she “bravely spoke up on Capitol Hill in defense of contraceptive coverage,” Fluke is “an attorney and women’s rights activist” and a “fighter for progressive change.” Her endorsements include Christine Pelosi (Nancy’s daughter), Chair, Women’s Caucus, California Democratic Party, Congresswoman Janice Hahn, Gloria Steinem, and Attorney Sarah Weddington of Roe v. Wade (in)fame. Fluke represents everything Lefties stand for: Dependency, subsidies, “choices” without consequences, victimhood, radical feminism and cultural decay. Find out more at Fluke’s Facebook page.)

But wait. This Democrat darling’s foray into “national attention” regarding a lack of contraceptive coverage at Georgetown has more holes than a wiffle ball.

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