Just Another Round of Pinochle? Bill Maher Dares GOP to Impeach Obama Over Benghazi

Obama mouthpiece and Uber Lefty Bill Maher seems to think impeaching a president over minor details like four American lives lost in Benghazi on his watch or using the IRS to cudgel political enemies is like playing another round of pinochle. Responding to a question from Larry King, Mr. Clueless said:

“I would like to challenge the Republicans. If Benghazi is as awful as they say it is, then isn’t it your obligation to impeach him? And that would be great, because that would fire up the left wing base. So I’d like to see the impeachment go forward. I’d like to see them put their money where their mouth is.”

Then there’s that pesky business about IRS targeting of conservatives. “Non-issue!” shrieked Democrats. “Non-story” shilled the mainstream media. We found out about Elijah Cummings and Carl Levin despite Maddow, Matthews and Maher’s best efforts at premature embalming. One can only wonder what other “rogue agents in Cincinat”i-type plots may unravel with investigation – and how high the culpability goes?

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