Except Their Honor – Part 1 of 2

“The impertinence lies, sir, with those who seek to influence a man to deny his beliefs!”

– Eric Liddell

 When expected to deny his beliefs by running in a 100 meter heat on a Sunday, Scottish sprinter Eric Liddell faced enormous pressure to cave from his Olympic committee and country, including the Prince of Wales, future King of England. Liddell’s refusal to run on Sunday on religious grounds set off a firestorm of criticism. Is God or country first? Does national pride trump integrity and beliefs?

 “They will sacrifice anything to achieve their goals, except their honor.”

 This credo seems utterly lost in some Republican circles. In fact, one of the more interesting contradictions roaming such circles is the insistence that all comers adhere to core values and convictions until said values and convictions become politically inconvenient. Then you dump ’em like a one-trick pony. (In which case they’re neither values nor convictions, but vapid excess baggage.)

The dichotomy comes in various forms. One of the most predictable includes such staggering samples of sagacity as, “While you may strongly disapprove of…” and “whatever your personal feelings are …”

Chuckling yet? Good, because this line of reasoning – if you can call it that – is worthy of a four-alarm belly whopper, like:

  •  “Personal feelings”? Are there any other kind? Translation: Shut up and serve the Collective, Comrade. This is Amerika!
  •  “While you may strongly disapprove…” Translation: Shut up.
  • Translation on the Translation: “How dare you challenge a lack of character and integrity by noticing a lack of character and integrity! The Emperor does too have clothes! Does too, does too, does too!”

When those one-liners rear their charmin’ li’l heads, what typically follows is a Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey rendition of why your disapproval, dissent, personal feelings, values and core convictions don’t matter. The next act is usually a tortured tap dance of why you should chuck your convictions out the window for the sake of political expedience, so you, too can morph into another spineless, conviction-less, unprincipled nincompoop.

As if we don’t have enough already?


– Continued in Part 2 –

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