‘Grandpa Voted Democrat’ – Even Though He’s Six Feet Under

Poor Howard Screamin’ Dean. The former presidential hopeful and DNC Chair can’t seem to untangle his feet whenever he opens his mouth. Speaking at a Colorado campaign rally for Andrew Romanoff, Dean lost his Nikes again, saying those who vote Republican and support voter ID laws to prevent or reduce voter fraud are “not American” and should leave the country. Watch Howie here.

Fraud? What voter fraud?

While Democrats are mired neck-deep in denial, pop singer-songwriter Ray Stevens isn’t. “Keep your eyes peeled and your feelers out for voter fraud” he advises, while urging everyone to vote in the next election. Poking fun at the uncanny knack some dead people have to vote Democrat, Stevens asks:

“We thought it was a joke when the big news broke, but they sure ‘nough counted his vote… How could a good man’s name be smeared this way while he’s six feet under the sod?”

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