Shinseki, Sgt. Tahmooressi and Where the Heck is Prez. MIA?

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Things aren’t going too well for U.S. veterans these days. We’re barely past Memorial Day and two major brouhahas related to veterans continue to rock the nation and President MIA’s pseudo administration. Both the VA scandal and what amounts to an international incident over a U.S. combat Marine being held in a Mexican jail for an honest mistake have once again shown the Obama Administration for what it really is: Jell-o.

Embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned yesterday over the latest White House I Didn’t Know About It Till I Read It In the Paper, and It’s All George Bush’s Fault Anyway scandal swirling around deficiencies and defects in the veterans health care system. These include waiting 115 days for a basic appointment and falsified wait times, bureaucratic indifference and cover-ups. Kinda like another day at the Oval Office. Only this time, it’s not about warrantless searches and seizures, “rogue” IRS agents in Cincinnati, what difference does it make?, or the euphemistically tagged “inappropriate scheduling practices.” It’s about the shocking mismanagement and galactically unprofessional conduct related to healthcare access for those who’ve put their lives on the line for our country. It’s about veterans who have died waiting for healthcare.

Veterans and others are rightly outraged. This is more than a disgrace. It is simply unconscionable. There are no excuses.

The Veterans Administration is a prime example of a calcified government bureaucracy – is there any other kind? – that moves with the alacrity of a growing redwood and seemingly answers to no one.  There are no excuses, but there are solutions. What if:

  • The VA health care system had to compete for patients instead of having a monopoly?
  • VA civil service employees were subject to dismissal for cause at any time?
  • Veterans could choose their own health care provider, including prompt referrals to civilian hospitals and going outside the VA system to seek quick, quality medical attention elsewhere?

Here are some more ideas from Allen West: Five Steps for Fixing the VA. Problems – if I Were in Charge.

 While Shinseki’s resignation won’t solve what appear to be major systemic problems within the VA, it’s a step in the right direction. Those responsible need to be identified, held accountable, and sent to the unemployment line, pronto, with criminal charges and jail time as indicated.

 Meanwhile, Shinseki’s resignation may give DemoLibs, already running for the tall grass in the mid-terms over Obamacare, a chance to breathe easier as their prez launches yet another round of I’m Not Really a President, But I Play One on a Teleprompter and do more of what he does best: lead from behind.

Most thinking Americans usually expect their prez to, oh, I don’t know… lead? When was the last time this community organizer stirred out of cryo storage on anything? Is there a shortage of No Doze in the Oval Office? Do you think the VA might snag some occasional presidential attention if it moved its headquarters on to the links? And what’s with Mexico nabbing U.S. citizens every chance it gets?

Earth to Oval Office on Sgt. Tahmooressi. Come in, Oval Office. Oval Office, Are You There?

 Speaking of disgraceful, what the heck is going on with Mexico and Sgt. Tahmooressi, USMC? Why isn’t President Spineless using his bully pulpit on this travesty every chance he gets, lobbying for the sergeant’s immediate release, pronto? Where is John Kerry? What kind of U.S. “president” sits on his hands and attends fund-raisers while a U.S. Marine Corps combat vet is cooling his heels in a filthy Mexican jail as the result of an honest mistake?

Hello, Barry? How ‘bout you make it so dad blame expensive for Mexico to nab another American citizen that Presidente Enrique Peña Nieto breaks out in a cold sweat the next time anyone even thinks about doing it again? How ‘bout Prez. Moonbeam gets on the bat phone to El Presidente and lays out exactly what’s going to happen to him and his muchachoes if another U.S. Marine or American citizen is ever nabbed or mistreated again – and it won’t be an invitation to a garden party? How ‘bout, If Our Marine Isn’t Released Within 24 Hours, Then:

  • All Mexican assets in the United States will be frozen.
  • All trade with Mexico is suspended.
  • All American tourism and tourist dollars to Mexico stops.
  • All financial services used for sending funds from the U.S. to Mexico will be shut down.
  • A USMC tank company + Force Recon Marines will be dispatched to the Mexican border.

Oh, and how ‘bout laying in an industrial strength supply of No Doze at the Oval Office? And in 2016, how ‘bout a Real Leader in the White House – for a change?

Sign the Petition to the Obama Administration to demand Sgt. Tahmooressi’s release.

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