‘Les MisBarack’ – But Then, So Does The Country

If you’ve ever wondered just how lost and spaced or venomous the average Obama supporter is, wonder no more. This rehash of Schönberg and Boublil’s immortal One Day More from Les Miserables puts all doubts to rest.  Especially if you’re familiar with the stage musical. (Some of us have seen it like a bazillion times. Hated the movie.)

But seriously, given President Clueless’s track record, this is hilarious! Particularly the part about Detroit’s back on its feet.

If you got through all of that DemoLib cheer without any anti-venin, kudos. You may also qualify for Bionic Ear status if you were able to detect the slightest shred of actual brain activity.

Note: There’s an interesting twist on one lyric in particular. Towards the end, this bunch of charmers croons, “When we will determine what our God in heaven has in store.” The final lyric is actually:

Tomorrow we’ll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store!
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!”

Yeah, we caught that.

In its original context, One Day More closes out Act I of one of the most stunning musicals of all-time. It deserves better than this rubbish. But then, so does the country.

Meanwhile, ya think any of these brain surgeons are still singing their Messiah’s praises – or are gainfully employed? One can only hope no tax payers or Gitmo detainees were harmed in the making of this video.

Anywho, here’s the Real Deal: One Day More by the 1985 Dream Cast, aka: the Les Miz Gold Standard.  (I know, I know. This is like comparing Secretariat to a slug. Riders up!)

(Warning: Gentle readers may find some of the DemoLib video lyrics objectionable. Please register complaints with the DNC – if you can dredge them up from their latest spin cycle on Bergdahl… Benghazi… the IRS… the VA…. Obummercare… the dark side of the moon…)