The 4th Stanza for the 4th: Do You Know It?


Unless you’ve spent the last few years in a cave or a coma, you’ve probably noticed that our country is In. Big. Trouble.

The IRS can’t seem to locate two years’ worth of Lois Lerner emails (dontcha hate it when that happens?). Hillary “Dead Broke” Clinton is eking out a living on over a $100 mil. John Kerry may welcome Iraq’s new Iranian overlords… or something. The VA scandal. Trading five high-level terrorists for a possible deserter and potential collaborator. Obama and his “eight million” Obamacare sign-up victory lap that’s going south.  Speaking of “going south,” it looks like the whole Obama presidency is stampeding in that direction. And if you think gas and food prices are high now, just wait. The effects of Mr. I’m-not-really-a-president, I-just-play-one-on-a-teleprompter’s policies, both foreign and domestic, are likely to send Americans reeling in the very near future.

It’s easy to be pessimistic. Grim.  You may have to look a little harder for optimism and hope after so many years of failed Democrat policies and politics, but they still shine bright. Open your eyes.

A former Marine illustrates in this impromptu performance of a stanza from the Star Spangled Banner most of us have probably forgotten or never heard. (No wonder the Corps’ motto is Semper Fi: Always Faithful.) Watch the crowd react. Then ask yourself “What would I do?”


Okay, class. Here’s today’s assignment: Share this vid along with some apple pie, baseball and watermelon while you wave Old Glory this 4th of July. Isn’t it about time? (Yeah, I know I’m early. Just gettin’ a running start.)

Photo credit: Public domain



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