Shocker: Liberals Seriously Out of Touch With “Average” Americans Says New Pew Poll

I01I0007Here’s a shocker: liberals are seriously out of touch with the average American. A new Pew poll found that only 40 percent of consistently liberal Americans say they often feel proud to be Americans. The Washington Post explains:

According to a new Pew Research Center study, only 40 percent of consistently liberal Americans say they often feel proud to be Americans. The other 60 percent say that doesn’t describe them. […] By contrast, more than seven in 10 “steadfast conservatives” and eight in 10 “business conservatives” say they are generally proud to be Americans. The poll also shows many liberals don’t liken themselves to your average American. Just 51 percent say they feel as though they are ”typical Americans” — as compared to three-quarters of conservatives and at least two-thirds of all the other groups.

Translation on the last paragraph (notice I didn’t say “newsflash”): Liberal elitism rears its ugly head (is their any other kind?) once again. Seriously, they don’t know any better. Liberals are so busy telling the rest of us what to do and how to do it via government regulations, agencies and bureaucracies (hi, Lois Lerner), legislative fiat and presidential edict, they don’t have time to be proud of anything.

Liberals routinely look down their arts-and-croissant noses at those who actually love this country and are proud of it. After all, they’re soooooo much smarter and far more sophisticated than the little people who still believe America is indeed exceptional, despite the best efforts of the White House empty suit to convince us otherwise. Besides, “I’m-from-the-government-and-I’m-here-to help” liberals are here to take care of us. Think for us. Decide what’s best for us. Because we’re just too doggone brainless to do so ourselves.

Is it any wonder “many liberals don’t liken themselves to your average American”? Excuse me, libs. Your insufferable, condescending elitism is showing. Again.

Interesting though the Pew poll may be, the results aren’t exactly earth-shattering. They essentially confirm what conservatives have known for a long time: liberals don’t get it. And because liberals aren’t proud to be Americans, they’ll do whatever it takes to hurt or diminish America. Like elect Harry Reid. Or vote Democrat. They’ll try to tear down, weaken or marginalize the “old” institutions and traditions that made America great. Like the military and the church. Like rugged individualism, personal responsibility, and self-reliance. Like religious freedom, equal justice under the law, and common sense. (Wait. Did I say “common sense”? Oops. We’re talking about liberals. Kindly belay that last.)

It’s not surprising. DemoLibs don’t have anything better to do. After all, the Party of Debt, Decay and Despair hasn’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson.

Speaking of which, a lib’s view of the “average American” typically translates into a smile, a shake of their heads and a cluck of their sanctimonious tongues at the quaint little flag-waving, patriotic peons who are, in the well-worn words of Lee Greenwood, proud to be an American.

By the way, when’s the last time you heard a lib say with Lee, God bless the USA?

Cheer up, libs. There’s an easy solution. If you’re so out of touch with and ashamed of the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, then how ’bout bailing to some place where you’ll fit right in? Like Cuba. Or North Korea.

Don’t let the door hitcha on your way out. I’ll even help you pack.


Photo credit: Public domain.