THAT’S a “Mic Drop.” For Real.

You know you’re on to something when the opposition is so desperate for traction, they have to misrepresent your position in order to raise funds. Like DemoLibs do pretty much every day. Reliable Obama mouthpiece Organizing for Action did it again over the weekend.

In a June 28 email fund-raising pitch titled, “Mic Drop from President Obama,” OFA claims that House Speaker John Boehner’s lawsuit against the Man Who Would Be King isover the executive actions he’s taken as president.” (Donate by midnight and we’ll throw in the Statute of Liberty and a free set of Laguiole Le Fidle steak knives – a $527 value, FREE! [As long as someone else pays for it.])

Nice try, Oh-Fah.

But for anyone who spent a nano-second reading the tea leaves, the core of the Boehner suit is actually about Prez. Pinocchio’s misuse of executive power and his failure to faithfully executive the laws of this country. That’s quite a different kettle of fish, but what do you expect from Organizing for Idiots?

The pitch continues, “Yes, you read that right,” and recounts President Fore!’s brilliant rejoinder:

“What I’ve told Speaker Boehner directly is, ‘If you’re really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, why don’t you try getting something done through Congress?'”

Really, OFA? Equating “getting something done” with executive abuse and unconstitutional presidential power grabs? Is that Kool Aid grape or strawberry?

But wait. It gets better. OFA says, “That’s what we like to call a mic drop, for real.”

Would love to expound on who the “we” constitutes, but let’s focus here on what’s “for real,” shall we?

What’s “for real” is a prez who doesn’t seem to know the difference between  a constitutional republic, a banana republic, or a banana cream pie. What’s “for real” is an imperial president who’s repeatedly said he’ll use his pen and phone to get around those pesky “obstructionists” in Congress who understand constitutional limits on the Executive Branch, checks and balances and separation of powers.

Note to Obama and OFA: That’s in the Constitution. Put down Marx and Engels and Bernie Sanders for a few and dredge up a copy.

Guess OFA and the DNC are so busy supporting their Boy Wonder, they didn’t notice that the Supremes have already weighed in on some of his “executive actions.” Like those related to The Man Who Would Be King’s recess appointments. And he lost. Quoting Todd Gaziano of the Pacific Legal Center, the Washington Post reports:

A unanimous Court invalidated President Obama’s controversial recess appointments of three purported members of the National Labor Relations Board.  So the immediate news today is that the Court has at least begun the important process of checking our imperious president.  Today’s decision should also put wind in the sail of the lawsuit Speaker John Boehner is proposing.  There is nothing to lose and quite a bit to gain from even a split decision cutting back on President Obama’s worst constitutional abuses of power.”

That, friends, is a “mic drop.” For Real.


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