What if America Never Existed?

As every good Lefty knows – and never misses an opportunity to endlessly browbeat the point – America is eeeeevil, eeeeevil, eeeeevil.

Not so fast, says Dinesh D’Souza in this new film:

The movie, America, is a celebration of the uniqueness of America, and a powerful and moving rebuttal to America’s critics both at home and abroad. This film begins with a simple premise: What if America never existed? …

There is a crisis in America — an identity crisis. What does it mean to be an American? Is America moral or is America’s wealth a product of theft? We will also contrast the principles that built America, the spirit of 1776, with the ideas that are weakening America — the spirit of 1968. Which America do you want?

Judging from the way the usual suspects are going apoplectic over America, this film oughtta be a real barn burner.  Coming in July to a theater near you.


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