NOW on Hobby Lobby: ‘I Am Woman, Hear Me Whine”

Well. That didn’t take long. Maybe that whole War on Women thing has worn a bit thin. So, following last week’s Hobby Lobby ruling, the usual suspects have launched yet another salvo in their ongoing charm offensive: Gender Bigotry.

Ever the tail wagging the dog and never one to miss an opportunity to miss the point by a mile and a half, National Organization for Whiners President Terry O’Neill had this to say about last Monday’s Supreme Court ruling:

The men who wrote this decision on behalf of the Supreme Court have entered into a War on Women. They have become a blatantly politically activist, anti-woman political organization and…. There are some beliefs that are so heinous that government should not respect them, no way, no how.”

Notice the second word O’Neill uses in her first sentence. Oh, the horror!

Also notice that the entity that posted this clip, Occupy Democrats, describes ONeill’s comments as “brilliant” – which tells you something about Occupy Democrats. (We’ll just call ’em “O.D.” for short. You can fill in the blanks yourself.)

Right on cue, Ms. Gender Bigotry Babe trots out Apartheid, slavery, Jim Crow and segregation. “We should not accept plain-out gender bigotry, plain and simple” she says. “Withholding basic healthcare from women is bigotry…. We should not accept it, no matter how sincerely the belief is held.”

Aside from the brazen distortion of the facts surrounding Hobby Lobby, O’Neill’s All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others comment puts her smack dab in the middle of Animal Farm.

Yo, Terry: How’s the view from the dark side of the moon?

As has been pointed out elsewhere, O’Neill conveniently omitted the fact that no “rights” have been taken away from anyone. Any Hobby Lobby employee who feels that their employer-provided insurance must include four specific abortifacient contraceptives is free to work elsewhere.

The delicious irony here is that the feminist movement used to be about female empowerment. Now it’s about female dependency. The whole “I am woman, hear me roar” thing seems to be replaced with the omnipresent whine: “I am woman, dependent on government to gimme, gimme, gimme because I’m too weak and feeble and incapable of doing for myself.”



Meanwhile, here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition of gender: 1gen·der noun \ˈjen-dər\: the state of being male or female.

Here’s M-W’s definition of bigotry:

1:  the state of mind of a bigot. 2:  acts or beliefs characteristic of a bigot. synonyms include dogmatism, illiberalism, illiberality, illiberalness, intolerance, intolerantness, narrow-mindedness, opinionatedness, partisanship, sectarianism, small-mindedness

Here’s M-W’s definition of bigot:

A person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

Kinda sounds like O.D., Terry Gender Bigotry Babe and the National Organization of Whiners, doesn’t it?

Photo credit: Public domain, Wallpapermine.