“I Learned About My Tweet When I Read It In The Paper”


I learned about my tweet when I read it in the paper.

Obama routinely tells the American public that he learns about important events and scandals the same way you and I do, from the news media. Apparently his advisors don’t bother telling him about what is going on. I imagine that the scene every morning at the White House is full of tension. An aid delivers the paper, coffee, maybe a cigarette, to the president, he politely thanks him/her and then opens it up. From outside the door the aid hears, “WHAT! WE SPIED ON THE TEA PARTY AND OBSTRUCTED THEIR FREE SPEECH USING THE IRS. WHY DIDN’T SOMEONE TELL ME?”

In a shocking development, revealed recently, this phenomenon of regular unplanned news surprises includes his own tweets.

At a White House Press briefing, Josh Earnest was asked if Obama was in control of his own tweets.

“Does he even read the others, does know they’re going out? Are they reviewed by senior people at the White House or is that just simply OFA doing something on his behalf?”

Check out the video below and see the answer.

You guessed it – in addition to the things that the President is not in control of (the border, the economy, the IRS) he is also not in control of @BarackObama.

The questions came in response to a tweet that lamented the loss of freedom for women to be given free contraceptives by their bosses. The tweet is outrageous and should be questioned, but like most matters these days, our President refuses to take responsibility.