‘Koch Brothers Exposed’: Grab Your Scuba Gear and Hip Waders (Part 1 of 2)

It’s not hard to peg a film lauded by Ed Schultz and Greenpeace which also features Van Jones, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Democratic Socialist-VT) and Katrina vanden Heuvel. Robert Greenwald’s Koch Brothers Exposed doesn’t disappoint. Minus the apocalyptic hand-wringing, Exposed basically boils down to:

Grab some industrial strength scuba gear and hip waders if you choose to dive in. You’ll need ’em, because according to Exposed, the amount of power those evil Koch brothers allegedly wield will soon result in a parting of the Red Sea. Meanwhile, this hatchet job spins so far to the Left, it could replace the Tilt-a-Whirl at the county fair.

While pretending to “expose” those vile, capitalist Koch brothers, Exposed is long on hearsay, innuendo, rumor-mongering, race-baiting, saber-rattling, demonizing, select sound bytes, connecting imaginary or otherwise illusory dots, and conclusionary statements that flew in with Tinkerbell. Kinda like Mr. I’m not-really-a-president, I-just-play-one-on-a-teleprompter. Incidentally, the subject of this film, those wicked Koch brothers, are never actually interviewed. Not once.

The film is predicated on the assumption that well-to-do conservatives are evil, evil, evil. The moral equivalent of pond scum, conservatives like the Koch brothers have no business whatsoever trying to influence the political landscape. As in:

 How dare conservatives exercise their right of free speech, freedom of association or any other right to influence the political process! Who do they think they are, Americans???!!!

Meanwhile, Greenwald’s dive off the deep end focuses on the terrible toll this dastardly duo has supposedly exacted from “working Americans” vis-a-vis Social Security, public education, environmental regulations and the EPA, the fossil fuel industry, unions, universities, voter ID requirements, Captain Hook, Tiger Lily and Smee.

Exposed takes aim at just about everyone and anyone who dares to disagree with or challenge the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist/Lefty version of Amerika, including:

  •  Americans for Prosperity
  •  “Neighborhood schools” and privatization
  •  Scott Walker
  •  The CATO Institute, Heritage Foundation, and the Reason Institute
  •  The Keystone Pipeline
  •  Peter Pan

 All of the above (except Peter) are allegedly funded or otherwise supported by those wicked Kochs. Not content with the kitchen sink, the flick also throws in George Wallace, “resegregation,” MediScare and – gasp! – decries that eeevil conservative plan called privatizing Social Security, insinuating not so subtly that all of the above are all part of a massive war on the working class hatched by those dad blame Koch bros. Shocker: Exposed never misses an opportunity to play that perennial hit on the DemoLib Top Ten Parade: Race card, race card, race card.

In the segment on public schools in Wake County, NC, “resegregation” and attempting to “dismantle the whole public school system” is the film’s rallying cry. The NAACP even hit the scene after four conservatives committed the unpardonable sin of running for the local school board, allegedly funded by those dastardly Kochs. They were voted out in the next election to scenes of jubilant crowds rejoicing. Interestingly, there’s no mention of who was voted in or what outside money may have fueled the newbies’ election bids. (Hi, George Soros?)

“Leave our children alone” says one parent in this segment. Funny. That’s the same thing a lot of conservs are saying, too.

The Uber Hypocrisy Award probably goes to the segment on higher education. It’s a howler, especially when Lefty commentators attempt to cast universities as bastions of “academic integrity.” No, really. Outside of this Neverland narrative, just try sporting a Tea Party button or admitting you voted for Romney on the average college campus and see how that works. The same Lefty shill accuses the Koch brothers of “buying up the minds” of university students.

Exposed’s Lefty mouthpieces also bemoan the manifest evil of Koch money being used to inculcate university students “with Koch brothers’ ideology and point of view.” Oh, the horror! And universities who hire profs that think like the Kochs? The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Run for your lives!

A few reminders here (the short list):

Continued in part 2…


Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)