Boehner Lawsuit: Sheer Stupidity or Stroke of Genuis?

While I’m not exactly Speaker John Boehner’s #1 fan, his lawsuit against Prez. Pinocchio may be a stroke of genuis. Commenting on the lawsuit, RNC Chair Reince Priebus said in a July 10 email:

President Obama thinks he’s above the law. He continually disregards our laws, stomps on our Constitution and circumvents Congress to force through his liberal agenda. And he must be stopped.

Republicans are committed to holding President Obama accountable, stopping his unconstitutional actions and ending his imperial reign. That’s why House Republicans are suing President Obama to compel him to faithfully execute the law.

Detractors have pooh-poohed the lawsuit, saying Boehner/Republicans can’t win, and even if they do, who will enforce a ruling? Nay sayers also seem to assume that the lawsuit is about getting a judgment against a sitting prez. But what if it’s not?

What if the suit is part of a bigger picture, a shrewd political maneuver designed to lay bare Obama’s defects, deficits, and derelictions in open court just before the mid-terms, for all the world to see? What if it’s the “flagship” in a newly re-focused and aggressive messaging campaign, the first shot across the bow from a revamped, ratcheted-up P.R. fleet? What if ending His Majesty’s imperial reign can be achieved with a flanking maneuver instead of a direct frontal assault? How ’bout forcing Prez. Pinnocchio to defend? And what if the GOP goes on offense – for a change?

Boehner’s lawsuit may not be as “sexy” as impeachment. But it doesn’t carry the same political risk, either. It may even “emperor’s new clothes” Obama while allowing the GOP to avoid the political kryptonite of impeachment in the process.

According to the Priebus email, a congressional committee will “determine the fate of the GOP lawsuit against President Obama’s unconstitutional action on Wednesday, July 16, at 10:00 a.m.”

This could get interesting.


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