‘First Death At Target After No Guns Request’

By , Guest Author

Originally posted at BuzzPo.

Used by permission

Well, we knew it would just be a matter of time until waves of violent crime started at Target retail stores. Just like Jack in the Box, the so-called Target gun ban has brought forth a “wave” of armed robberies, and yesterday the first death at Target kicked off with a murder in Van Nuys, CA.

Yesterday, a man in his early 40s was shot just outside the Target while pressure washing the store. According to Lt. Jim Gavin of the LAPD, this appeared to be a random shooting, and there’s no indication that the victim and suspect knew each other.

The victim was rushed to Holy Cross Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Police have the suspect in custody, and believe him to have gang ties. The victim did not have any gang affiliation.

These robberies and murders at retail outlets publicly requesting “no guns” are becoming all too frequent. Too frequent to any longer be deemed “just a coincidence.”

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