‘Sweetie’, Ronald Reagan and Local Endorsements

Is this place great, or what?

Teed off that one of my local endorsements didn’t rock the way s/he thought it should roll, one candidate asked why. Let’s call said sweetie, “Sweetie.” (I’m clever with original names. Sweetie, not so much.)

clipart picture of Tweety with a flower in his hands

Anyway, “Sweetie” asked why. S/he just had to ask. So I responded a la Ronald Reagan’s/Gaylord Parkinson’s 11th Commandment. I didn’t have to. I could’ve ignored the inquiry. Bobbed and weaved. Faked an answer. But I didn’t. This is what I said:

Any R berating Wes Cormier in a public forum won’t get any support from me.

Sweetie responded:

Well he took this to a public forum, and his position was wrong. You of all people are suggesting someone has to keep their opinion to themselves? I don’t consider the exchange as berating. He was pointedly corrected in a forum he entered.

Talk about missing the point by about a mile and a half.

Regarding Sweetie’s interrogatory, that suggestion was never made and never will be. Nice try.

Newsflash: It’s a free country, Sweets. Express away. Someone never heard of a phone call? Office visit? Email? Private messaging? Smoke signal? Carrier pigeon? Context, darlin’, context. BTW, thanks for confirming your actions in sentence #4.

Sweetie huffed, “Well so be it. Will need my sign back.”

Well, so be it.

I could post a photo of said sign. I have one.  In fact, I have two. But I won’t. I could also name the candidate. Could. But I won’t, since this is a public forum and I chose not to “pointedly correct” Sweetie by name in public.

Ah, politics. Is this fun, or what?



Photo credit: Public Domain, Tweety Clip Art.