Which GH Commission Candidate has Frank Gordon Scared Spitless? – OR – Dictator Frank On Dictators

He’s baaaaack.

Fresh off last week’s toe-tappin’ chart-topper, Frank Gordon’s Choices for Commissioner District 3, Gordon is spinning more greatest hits with this winner:

 Gordon Openly Trying to Sink Raines Campaign

Here’s an audio version:

Speaking of audio, be interesting to hear from the other candidates or the local parties on this. What’re the odds Al Charlie McCarthy Smith will weigh in or just “sit on it”?

And in the “good bye gray sky, hello blue” department, Harborites may rightly wonder about the propriety of a sitting commissioner publicly backing a couple  commissioner candidates while “openly trying to sink” another. (Support is one thing; “openly trying to sink” is another.)

We can also wonder why a strong woman is a “dictator” – an accusation usually tossed out by the flimsiest members of the Testosterone Brigade.  It’s also a clue.  Does Vickie Raines pose such a threat to the Gordon Fiefdom that she has him scared spitless?

“It’s like I’m the fifth candidate in this here campaign doing everything in my power to make sure Vickie loses” – Frank Gordon. – The Daily World, July 22

Earth to Frank: There are four candidates in this here campaign. You aren’t one of them.

A few more items to chew on:

  •  Why is Gordon trying to play Commission Kingmaker?
  •  What is he afraid of?
  •  Who died and made Franko God?
  •   Can he keep his day job?
  •  What’s that again about “dictator,” Franko?

Come on, folks. This is Grays Harbor, not Chicago. We’re better than this.

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2 thoughts on “Which GH Commission Candidate has Frank Gordon Scared Spitless? – OR – Dictator Frank On Dictators

  1. While I certainly have the utmost confidence in my abilities should I win the county commissioner seat I would anticipate a healthy working relationship with Vickie Raines if she were the commissioner.

    I also would anticipate a healthy working relationship with either Jim Heikel or Al Smith.

    This is the only comment I will be making on this website. This is waaaaaaaaay too much drama for me and I have more important things to be doing.

    Best of luck to all candidates!

    Keith Olson


  2. Frank Gordon is a jerk, there is no other word to describe him. Seems he fancies himself as some sort of a king maker.
    When Vickie wins the election, and she is going to win big, Mr. Gordon is going to be the odd man out.
    I guess that answers your question, “Why is Frank Gordon Scared Spitless of Vickie Raines?”
    Emery Haggin


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