TGIF & Lighten Up! (You’ll either get this or you won’t)

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week and we’re posting a little TGIF levity in honor of the upcoming weekend. Don’t think too hard on this stuff. You’ll either get these two items or you won’t. Meanwhile, we don’t want to be responsible for any brain damage, real or imagined (we already know which world your average DemoLib lives in).

Ready? Then let’s jump in:

Define “Irony”

Okay, never mind the definition. Gotcha covered. It looks like:

These two bumper stickers were displayed on the same Previa. No, I am not kidding. (See? Told you you’d either get this or you won’t.)

Item #2

I know, I know. The photos below look like a poster for another union job. You know, the kind that requires a five-day coffee break. But look at the signage again. Still with me?

It’s not the first or second line that piques my interest. It’s the third. (That’s okay. I’ll wait.) As in, what’s missing from these photos? Hint: Starts with “C” and ends with an “n.” See? No trucks. No equipment. No shovels, hard hats, DayGlo vests. Not even a single person pretending to be working while five others  spectate. Note time of day and date these photos were taken at Eighth Street and Earley Way in Hoquiam.

Lest you think this a trick of clever camera angles, here are some photos of the same area from the other side of the marsh:

Bounded by blackberry bushes, thick stands of alders, and the Chehalis River, this marshy area is a favorite with Hoquiamite dog lovers. It’s also a good birding spot, hosting Canada Geese in season as well as Great Blue Herons, sparrows, wrens, loons, a variety of water birds and an occasional Peregrine Falcon and bald eagle. It’s one of few Hoquiamish sites where dogs can roam off-leash near the water. Now it’s under invisible “construction” per the Port of Grays Harbor.

Most of the blackberry bushes and alders are gone. Looks like the rest of the open area will soon follow suit. Then canines and their people will probably have to find some other place to roam. Ditto the birds.

Ye olde water dog would not have been pleased. Which means yours truly isn’t exactly turning handsprings, either.

Okay, class

Raise your hand when you see any evidence of any actual construction work going on here. Kindly note: This was my third trip to this site in five days. See? Told you it was a poster child for a union job.

There will be a quiz on… Oh, never mind. Meanwhile, things are looking up:



Have a great weekend. See you Monday.