Anti-Gun Journalist Terrified of a Camera Tripod

DISCLAIMER: “The amount of “stupid” contained below is likely to cause nausea, vomiting, confusion, irritability, and make your head hurt.”

Mtn wildflowersThat being said, the has reached a new level of insanity. Jim and Jean Anton have published an article pertaining to the recent “Guns Everywhere” law in Georgia. They’ve shared an incident about being terrified of a camera tripod, and managed to correlate that into their obvious Hoplophobia. The quote is below, or you can view the ignorance firsthand by clicking here.

“I was determined not to let the obscenity of Guns Everywhere ruin my day. I would enjoy hiking with my grandchildren no matter what. So at 5:30 a.m., when my energy was high, and the air was particularly crisp and the forest full of song, I picked up the children.

We were hiking for about half an hour when I noticed a strange man coming towards us. What was that he was carrying? Was it a rifle of some kind? It looked unmistakably like a gun – a rifle or a shotgun.

But this was conservation land – in Massachusetts not Georgia! Even if he had a gun, I had no reason to worry… or did I? If he had a gun, it probably wasn’t loaded, and he was on his way to a target range. Through a conservation area???

When he got close enough, I realized that he wasn’t carrying a gun but a tripod in a carrying case. He was a nature photographer. He took pictures of living things instead of killing them. I thanked my lucky stars that I lived in a place where I could go for a very long walk with two small children, and not ever see a single person with a gun.”

Just when you thought the stupidity couldn’t be more ignorant, the lunacy continues…..

“If anyone can carry submachine guns into churches, schools, libraries, and bars (and designated government buildings) shouldn’t they also be allowed to take them into the Georgia State House where the goons who created Guns Everywhere do their work?”

The ignorance makes my head hurt. is so far in left field (as usual), they didn’t even begin to accurately describe the law that went into effect this July 1st.

The law allows Georgia residents to take guns into some bars, nightclubs, and schools as long as they have a license to carry. The law does allow permit holders to take guns near some TSA checkpoints, but it does not allow guns on the “sterile” side of an airport. Further, the law gives religious leaders the opportunity (not requirement) to “opt in.” The law makes no provisions for “submachine guns.”

As for alleging that Georgia has one of the nations highest murder rates, this existed under much stricter carry laws, and well before the so-called “Guns Everywhere” law. Proof that criminals won’t abide by gun laws if they wish to commit violence with a firearm. Keep trying Dailykos, and we’ll keep laughing.

Eric Reed is the President and Founder of Gun Rights Across America (GRAA). They have chapters in all 50 states, and a membership of over 200,000 freedom loving Americans. GRAA wholeheartedly believes that the Second Amendment is worth fighting for. You can follow Eric on Twitter @EricReedGRAA, and on Facebook at:


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