Why You Should Care About Local Politics

For quite some time, pundits and politicos have been talking about 2014 being a big year for the conservative revival taking place in America. This includes local elections. Why? Because local politics matter. They matter a great deal.Did you know?

  • Benjamin Franklin was City Council member
  • Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson began their political careers in the House of Burgesses, the municipal government of the colonies
  • Samuel Adams was elected Tax Assessor/Collector of Boston
  • Josiah Bartlett and Richard Henry Lee both started as Justices of the Peace
  • George Mason was a county judge
  • John Adams was a teacher
  • James Madison was a state legislator
  • John Hancock was a selectman on the city governing board of Boston

Last year, police escorted a Maryland father out of a meeting when he refused to stifle his objections to a pornographic reading assignment distributed in his daughter’s school. A video of the event went viral. When I saw it, I wondered, “Why is there only one man standing up? Why is everyone else just sitting there? Why is he alone?”

Use your voice. We can no longer sit down and hope somebody else will stand up. You are somebody. Do not embolden the enemies of freedom with your silence. The single greatest threat to liberty is apathy.


Photo credit: Public domain