Why Impeachment Now Is A Bad Idea

The following post was originally published here under the title, ‘Impeachment’? If a Cold Shower Helps, You Know What To Do. I’m re-running it today, “back by popular demand.” (Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂 )

Not arguing - explaining why correctThe “I” word is being tossed around the political landscape these days like Frisbees at a beach party. “Impeachment” has a certain appeal to the hot head crowd. But it’s a dumb bell move for the GOP. Here’s why (the short version):

  1.  How’s that ice rink in hell coming?
  2. Impeachment-ing will cost the GOP in November.
  3. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball and think a little further down the road than the next 20 minutes.

While Articles of Impeachment may pass a Republican-majority House, they’ll crash and burn in the Chief Harry Senate. Won’t work. Period.

If Republicans are looking to toss some red meat to the Dems and energize the Obama base for a massive turnout in November, impeachment proceedings will do it.

Given the above, impeachy-weachy will not only fall short, but it’ll also mean:

  1. The GOP has just expended an enormous amount of political capital on a lost cause, and
  2.  At a time when DemoLibs are on the ropes over Obummercare and Mr. Signature Legislation, impeachment proceedings will give Dems another cause celeb with which to pummel Rs in November, more than likely enabling Rs to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again.

In other words, the I word is a lose-lose for Republicans. Even in the imaginary, mixed-up world of Common Core, lose-lose doesn’t equal “win.” Not even close. Duh.

Note to hot heads: I am not, – repeat, NOT – arguing that The Man Who Would Be King doesn’t rate impeaching. If anyone’s ever earned it, Prez. Pinnochio has. He’s “less” of just about everything. As in, clue-less, care-less, and reck-less (hi Syria, Egypt, North Korea, Libya, Iraq, Bowe Bergdahl and pretty much everything else). And oh yeah, he’s also law-less. There’s still that pesky bit about four dead Americans in Benghazi, IRS targeting of conservatives, and a border that leaks like a sieve. To name a few.

But let’s keep our eyes on the ball: winning.

Pre-election impeachy-weachy will hurt Republicans more than it’ll hurt Mr. I’m-not-really-a-president, I-just-play-one-on-a-teleprompter. And If it’s one thing the GOP is really, really good at, it’s snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Can Rs reverse that? Can they manage to not only avoid shooting themselves in the foot again, but NOT hand the other side boatloads of ammo, gratis, for the mid-terms?

So sorry, Sarah. Let’s Get Real. Think a little further down the road than the next 20 minutes.

Here’s the Deal

Rather than spending political capital on a lose-lose, why not use that drive, energy and resources on something that’s smart and winnable: GOP gains in the legislative branch? (Oh, wait. Did I just use “smart” and “GOP” in the same sentence?) Because here’s the deal: The best way to ensure that Mr. Banana Republic Dictator is a hamstrung lame duck is to take back the Senate and increase the Republican majority in the House in November.

Captain Obvious moment: Republican majorities in the House and Senate can not only reel in the Liar-in-Thief, but impeachment also has a much better chance of succeeding if Republicans take both chambers in November. That’s why the laser-guided political missiles should be aimed at the legislative branch, not the I word.

Dear hot heads: Chillax. If a cold shower helps, you know what to do.  Meanwhile, get a grip and keep your eye on the ball. You’re welcome.


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