The Vacant President: Who’s on First?

Prez This Horrible


Note to Grays Harbor DemoLibs: Is this the best you can dig up? Still want to own this guy?

Now then, let me get this straight:

  •  Religious minorities are threatened with annihilation in Iraq.
  •  ISIS (the ‘Islamic State’) is beheading and butchering its way through the Middle East.
  •   Christian genocide is the target du juor for a growing army of Islamic jihadis.
  •   Hamas has – shocker – violated yet another cease-fire while using children as human shields.
  •  Putin is posed to swallow the Ukraine like Godzilla on steroids.
  • Our southern border leaks like a sieve.
  •  Another U.S. border agent was just murdered by two Mexican thugs with multi-deportations on their records.
  •  A “wrong turn marine” with PTSD is still stuck in a Mexican jail.
  •  Obamacare makes the Hindenburg landing look like a success.
  •  The U.S. is engaged in air strikes against Iraq….

… and President Fore! bails out for Martha’s Vineyard? What’s wrong with this picture?

While the Middle East is going up like flash paper and much of the rest of the world is crumbling into chaos, President Fore! is doing what he does best: nothing. Or pretty darn close.

That’s right. Resting up from another exhausting round of fund-raising and swinging White House soirees, President Fore! has hit the road for a scheduled two-week “summer vacation” in Martha’s Vineyard, playground of the uber wealthy and aristocratic wannabes.

Vacation? From doing what?!

Will someone kindly clue in the Pretender in Thief that’s he’s the Commander in Chief? That he’s supposedly a chief executive, like the guy who makes the final decisions and the tough calls? Leader of the free world? A grown-up?

Given Obama’s latest job approval ratings, you’d think the guy might get a clue and – oh, I don’t know – start trying to act like a president instead of a third grader or a frat boy on spring break (my apologies to third graders everywhere)? That he might want to draft some sort of semi-coherent foreign policy beyond let’s-throw-it-against-the-wall-and-see-if-it-sticks?

Can you imagine the apoplectic fits the usual lefty pundits would throw if a Republican president kited out for Martha’s Vineyard in a similar situation? (About those approval ratings. Who the heck are the 42%, and what planet did they fly in from?)

While President Fore! mocks Republicans for wanting to sue him for “doing his job,” he doesn’t seem to have the first clue about what his job is.

  •  Hint: You’re not a banana republic dictator.
  •  Hint #2: Check out Article II  in the U.S. Constitution.
  •  Hint #3: Stop whining and blaming everyone else for your own incompetence. Put on your big boy pants, bomb ISIS into the 7th century (oh, wait, they’re already there – how ‘bout the Stone Age?), and start taking your oath of office seriously.

Yea, verily. The Vacant President could give these guys a run for their money any day of the week, particularly on foreign policy:

Flip side: At least Jimmy Carter doesn’t have to sweat any more bullets about that “Worst President in United States History” tag.

Meanwhile, here’s what the Official Brand of the WD3 Party of Weakness, Debt, Despair and Dependency looks like. ‘Bringing ISIS to a country or community near you’:

Dem Donkey

Remember in November.



Photo credit: Public domain