GUEST AUTHOR: ‘Conservative Truth vs. Liberal Truth’

By Kevin Fobbs, Guest Author

Originally posted at BuzzPo

Used by permission


If We lose Freedom

There are times as summer eventually turns to fall, that the political season shall once again engulf the minds and attention of Americans. Here is a snapshot of the words of Ronald Reagan who said,  “Americans are hungry to feel once again a sense of mission and greatness,” according to Right wing News.

There is a difference between conservative truth vs. liberal truth. This also exists between true conservatives and  those GOP elected officials who wear a mask of deception.

Here are some transformative words from America’s 40th President who spoke them 39 years ago, just after the Watergate scandal which nearly decimated the Republican Party and cast conservatism into a possible tailspin.

“Let’s not be so naive as to think we are witnessing a mass conversion to the principles of conservatism. Once sworn into office, the victors reverted to type. In their view, apparently, the ends justified the means.

…Can we live with ourselves if we, as a nation, betray our friends and ignore our pledged word? And, if we do, who would ever trust us again? To consider committing such an act so contrary to our deepest ideals is symptomatic of the erosion of standards and values. And this adds to our discontent.

We did not seek world leadership; it was thrust upon us. It has been our destiny almost from the first moment this land was settled. If we fail to keep our rendezvous with destiny or, as John Winthrop said in 1630, “Deal falsely with our God,” we shall be made “a story and byword throughout the world.”

Americans are still hungry to feel once again a sense of mission and greatness, without the lies of liberalism and with the honor and integrity of the truth of conservatism! Now let us begin.

(Kevin will be back tomorrow for part 2 of the discussion. Join us for Is America Prepared for Ronald Reagan’s ‘Bold Colored Conservatism.?  – Ed.)


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