Grays Harbor Primary: Commish Winners and Losers

The race for Grays Harbor County Commissioner is almost as good as an extra slice of raspberry white chocolate cheesecake with double hot fudge. Almost.

At present it looks like Vickie Raines (NP) and Keith Olson (R) will be heading into the General in November. As of yesterday, Olson holds a capellini-thin lead over That’s a woman for ya and Frank Gordon fave Al Smith (D). Wait for the recount.

Commissioner District 3 Commissioner #3
Candidate Vote Vote %
Jim Heikel(Prefers Independent Party) 824 14.79%
Al Smith(Prefers Democrat Party) 1,447 25.96%
Vickie L. Raines(States No Party Preference) 1,848 33.16%
Keith Olson(Prefers Republican Party) 1,454 26.09%
Total Votes (not including write-ins) 5,573

I’m not going to reproduce the last vote count here. Help yourself to the Grays Harbor Auditor’s Elections page for the latest. What I am going to do is pick a few Primary Winners and Losers based on current results. There’s more here than meets the taste buds at first bite. Got your fork? Good. Let’s dig in:

Biggest Winner: Vickie Raines, who maintained her poise and dignity in the midst of a bunch of cheap shots from a bunch of cheap-shooters. A class act.

Big Loser: Grays Harbor Democrats, who have apparently failed to advance their one and only commish candidate into the General. If Olson’s slim lead holds, their bid to retake the majority in the commissioner’s office just tanked. Oh, boo-hoo.

Biggest Loser: Frank Gordon (D), whose Openly Trying to Sink Raines Campaign  tactics may have done more to sink the Primary Titanic than the proverbial iceberg.


Meanwhile, inquiring minds want to know if Gordon’s “anybody but Raines” shenanigans cost Smith any votes and if so, how many? Apparently that “doing everything I can to make sure Vickie loses” thing didn’t play too well in Peoria. Will it also cost Smith the race?

Other potential big winner that nobody’s talking about but should be: County Commissioner Wes Cormier (R). Cormier had the good sense to remain above the Primary fray and keep a cool head when others lost theirs. And speaking of losing, Gordon is almost sure to lose his commission chairmanship with a Raines or an Olson win. Oh, boo-hoo again.

The commission chairmanship belongs to a grown-up. That grown-up is Wes Cormier.

So, how’s your stash of raspberry white chocolate cheesecake?



Photo credits: Public domain.