Hey, Grays Harbor: Need a Raise? Work for the County!


ICYMI, the August 11 issue of The Vidette includes this little cup of sunshine: County Budget Dips Into Reserve for First Time in Four Years. And that cup of sunshine includes these portions of a “joint budget priorities statement” recently issued by Grays Harbor’s three county commissioners:

We have made progress overcoming financial difficulties resulting from the economic decline that occurred in recent years, but we still have issues to address… It is our intention to maintain adequate cash reserves, to provide working capital to meet our operating needs throughout the year and lessen the impact of unforeseen revenue shortfalls or unanticipated expenditures.

“Grays Harbor County continues to struggle with one of the highest unemployment rates in this state. Economic forecasts continue to indicate a very slow economic recovery. With these factors in mind, we will forecast revenue conservatively. … The last several years we have postponed maintenance and repairs of our buildings and infrastructure in order to provide ongoing services. As public stewards, we must maintain county infrastructure so it will be of service to taxpayers in the future. It is a priority of the board to earmark a portion of current revenues for the preservation of our infrastructure.”

Fine.  Making progress and overcoming financial difficulties is good.  Prioritizing expenditures even better. Then there’s this curious comment:

“County employees have held the line for so long,” (County Commissioner Frank) Gordon said in a recent interview. “They deserve raises.”

Suh-weet! County employees are holding the line and “deserve raises.”

Hands Together

Okay, class. Here’s your chance to chime in. Raise your hand if you’ve been “holding the line (for so long)” and “deserve a raise,” too. What? You’re in the private sector and haven’t seen a raise since the 12th of Never?

Have I got a deal for you…



Photo credits: public domain.