Just In Time For Labor Day: What Would Happen If…

Speaking of Labor Day… Watch for response #7 in the video.

How many McDonald’s are there in Grays Harbor? (Google if you must. That’s okay. I’ll wait.)

I count three: One near Wal-Mart located at 1101 E Wishkah St., Aberdeen. Another in Hoquiam at 2501 Simpson. There’s a third in Ocean Shores at 701 Point Browne Ave NW.

Instead of demanding $15 an hour wages for these types of jobs, what would happen if… (Tip: See what happens when a female McDonald’s employee is “randomly” approached and offered a $100 tip while she’s wiping off tables. What she does next is amazing:)

The video tagline explains, “After our charitable donation was returned, we decided to pay that money forward to people who need it most.” This action is part of a campaign started by two guys in Los Angeles who wanted to focus on people who work in difficult conditions with minimum wage. Because their money was refunded by the original charity, they decided to give the money to “people who are overlooked in society.”

Not to re-state the obvious here, but the joyous responses weren’t the result of a government program or a “redistribute the wealth” Ponzi scheme. They were the result of personal interaction and the kindness and compassion of a private individual(s).

This is “the American way.” Not wealth redistribution. Not more government hand-outs, programs, cradle-to-grave government dependency and higher taxes to pay for ’em all. But hard work. Creativity. Good ‘ole American ingenuity. Thinking outside the box. Personal generosity. Private individuals stepping up to the plate and meeting needs, one person at a time.

Whose life has been touched by your kindness today?



Source: ViralShare