GH County Commish Race + the ‘Got Only Patsies’ Party



This just keeps getting better and better. The republican (sic) candidate for county commissioner did a wee oops by showing up at last week’s central committee meeting for the Grays Harbor Democrats without his Boy Scout uniform.* As in, Un.Pre.Pared.

Talk about unforced errors. If this was Wimbledon tennis, the score would be: 6-0, 6-1, 6-0, advantage Vickie Raines.

Local politico Tom Fredriksen has dubbed the Grays Harbor commish race “like whack a mole with these candidates.” He may be right. Even so, you gotta give Keith Olson credit. At least he was willing to throw his hat into the ether and run.

That’s no small potatoes, considering the amount of baggage a local R label has accrued lately. (Think towing a logging truck with your teeth.) The local Got Only Patsies Party, formerly the Grays Harbor Republican Party, stands for everything and nothing these days. Scaring up candidates willing to run under that banner is no mean feat given the impressive string of oopses and MIAs the party has racked up.

Maybe they’re going for a world record?



* The spin from the Patsy Party is that Olson’s comments were “taken out of context.” Curiously, no other “context” has been provided. Mr. Olson was contacted on September 6 and offered space in this blog to respond. Crickets.

Photo credit: public domain