Grays Harbor Presidential Straw Poll

Mobile phone

The Washington State Republican Party recently announced that it is conducting a presidential straw poll at the Puyallup State Fair, September 5 – 21.  Sort of.  Here’s the scoop:

During the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, the Washington State Republican Party is conducting a Presidential Straw Poll.  Text the name of your favorite Republican candidate for President to (206) 259-1936.  Results will be announced after the conclusion of the fair.

This could be interesting, especially when the rest of the field was left eating Romney’s dust in Iowa last month. Even more interesting: WSRP only allows you to vote by texting? Really? Like that’s not a major assumption on the order of the moon is made of green cheese?

So here’s the deal. I’m going to make it easy for you out of the goodness of my sweet li’l ‘ole heart. No smart phone required. No new fangled technology. And no burying your nose in said stupid mobile device texting while someone is trying to talk to you. All you gotta do is trundle on down to the poll below. Just check the appropriate box next to your pick for prez and hit Vote. Voila! So simple, even a lib can do it. And look ma, no texting! (You may detect a teensy-weensy anti-texting bias here. Deal with it.)

Anyway, this will be fun and painless. Scout’s honor. Results will be  announced whenever I get around to it (probably next week). The poll will be up for one week. But ‘fize you, I’d weigh in right now. Before you forget.

Ready? Here goes:





Photo credit: public domain