And now for a shameless plug…

Pen and book

Heard about BuzzPo? If you haven’t you will. It’s the hippest, happenin’-est, cutting-edge-iest, fastest-growing conservative site/podcast on the web. A “right-leaning blog” built around the premise that the bigger the government the smaller the person, BuzzPo is about “fun, facts, logic and a dose of snark.” So you see where yours truly fits right in as an author. And that’s good. Because writing for BuzzPo is my day job. (No. Really.)

Being a BuzzPo author is a great gig. I get to poke fun at liberals for acting like liberals. I get to point out the failures and foibles of the Party of Debt, Dependency, Despair and Detroit all day long. There’s also that thing about them not having a new idea since Woodrow Wilson.

As a BuzzPo author, my targets are a little higher up the food chain than local or state. Think community organizer from Chicago acting like a community organizer from Chicago – when he’s not taking a break from another exhausting round of fund-raising or hitting the links. Then there’s Mr. Foot in Mouth Veep. Pelosi. Reed. Sharpton. Schumer. Cummings. Holder. Debbie WasserWhats-itz Schultz. I could also mention the most useless senator in U.S. history, Patty Murray, but why bother?

Talk about a target rich environment. Is this place great, or what?

The BP mission? “To help expand the conservative viewpoint through fun, facts, logic, and a dose of snark!” BuzzPo content is promoted on Facebook at Positively Republican. That page, friends, is The Largest Republican Group on Facebook. Over 700,000 Likes. BuzzPo Radio is also one of the top conservative Podcasts with weekly listens of about 250,000! Its tagline: “Conservatives and proud.”

See? Told you I fit right in. Hence the shameless plug. So if you haven’t liked Positively Republican yet, you know what to do. (Bonus points: PR isn’t based out of NY or D.C. It’s based in Issaquah, WA. No, I am not kidding.)

With more than 200 articles and counting, my special reporting interests include but are not limited to sanctity of life issues, women, court cases and Constitutional law, military/vets, and religious freedom issues. (Did I mention chocolate?)

All this and more plus brilliant political commentary, analysis, and rapier wit by yours truly. You can join me at BuzzPo here. You can also sign up for my RSS feed here. Authors are paid based on page views, so you know what to do.

– We will now return you to our regularly scheduled programming –