GH Democrats: ‘Our Democrats Are Truer Than Your Democrats’

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Still reeling from their failure to clear their county commission candidate, Al that’s a woman for ya Smith, out of the August primary, Grays Harbor Democrats have launched a new game: Our Democrats are truer than your Democrats.

Pat Gordon’s September 11 letter to the editor of the Vidette takes Grays Harbor Democrat Jim Eddy to task, asking “Jim Eddy, where were you?” Noting Eddy’s alleged absence from the Grays Harbor Democratic hamburger booth rebuild and the county fair, Mrs. Gordon reels off a laundry list of Who’s Who among Grays Harbor Democrats related to that event, saying those folks “worked every day to support our party.” Then she asks Eddy:

Where were you? Oh! That’s right. You were supporting a No Party candidate! Not a Democrat, or she would have filed as one. Why don’t you join them and leave the True Democrats alone?

This little dust-up may be the result of a September 5 Facebook post by said Jimmy regarding Keith Olson’s visit to the September meeting of that open-minded outfit, the Grays Harbor Democrats. This was reported by Montesano Today, complete with a screen shot of the *offending* Facebook post. The salient Eddy line that has Grays Harbor Democrats in yet another dither is:

I’m supporting Vickie “I’m a Democrat. I’ve always been a Democrat” Raines for County Commissioner.

Well. God forbid that the Party of Debt, Dependency and Detroit do something besides pout, circle its wagons and march lock step.

This on the heels of last year’s attempt to cram a prosecuting attorney candidate down the throat of the county commissioners by submitting a three-person “slate” where two of the options had no real interest in serving, but agreed to place their names on the pseudo slate anyway. Remember the resulting temper tantrum when the commissioners called their bluff? It would do any two year-old proud.

Then there’s that latest stroke of Democrat genius heading into November. It’s called “let’s field a write in candidate” for county commissioner.

Yes, let’s!

And who knows? Maybe an epidemic of common sense will break out at GHD Central between now and the general election?  In the meantime, maybe we can sell tickets?