POLL: Who’s Your Favorite Gun Manufacturer

We had so much fun with our last on-line poll that we’re doing an encore. This time the topic is gun manufacturers. (I know. I know. I just lost every lib in “57 states.”  Oh, boo hoo.)

Anyway, here’s this week’s poll question: Who’s your favorite gun manufacturer?

“Favorite” means pretty much whatever you want it to: accuracy, reliability, effectiveness, durability, quality, affordability, concealed carry-ability (new word I just made up). Or any combination thereof. This is entirely subjective and 100% unscientific. And it’s so easy, even a lib could figure it out. (Well. Maybe.)

“Manufacturer” includes both long guns and The Dreaded Hand Gun. Throwin’ that in just to freak out any DemoLib anti-gunners that may still be lurking about.

When it comes to the long guns, I admit a certain fondness for Henry Rifles every since I saw Danny Glover wield one in Silverado. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should. Because it’s really, really good. Also, the Silverado theme is used by Michael Medved to intro his radio show. Betcha didn’t know that.

Ready? Okay. You know what to do. All votes are confidential. You can only vote once. However, you can make up to three selections. The poll closes on Monday. Results will be announced whenever I get around to it. (Probably next week.) If you choose to elaborate on the reasons for your particular choice, feel free to do so in the comments section. Caveat: I’m not an expert on this subject. But I know a guy who is. 🙂