Ballot Picks

Ballots are out or soon will be all across our fair Harbor. That means yours truly is skipping merrily through the options as we head in to November. Here are my picks for local races and some key statewide initiatives. I am not weighing in on unopposed contests:

County Commissioner #3. Partisan Office, 4-year term: Vickie Raines (NP)

Congress, 6th Congressional District: Marty McClendon (R)

State Representative, 24th Legislative District, Pos. 1. Partisan Office, 2-year term: (Incumbent is Kevin Van De Wege [D]).  You’re kidding, right?

State Representative, 24th Legislative District, Pos. 2. Partisan Office, 2-year term (Incumbent is Steve Tharinger, [D]): You’re still kidding, right?

State Representative, 19th District, Pos. 1: Brian Blake (d) (Yes. That’s a small “d.” Intentional, not a misspelling.)

State Representative, 19th District, Pos. 2: Not much to choose from here. Better luck next time.

PUD Commissioner (3). Non-partisan office, six-year term. Russ Skolrood.

Prosecutor. Partisan Office, 4-year term: Mike Spencer. (If for no other reason than to tweak the noses of Grays Harbor DemoLibs.)

If you don’t see an office here that’s on the ballot, it’s because I don’t care. Tip: Anything passed “without a vote of the people” is probably not a great idea and should be repealed. Representatives work for We The People, not the other way around. At least in theory.


YES on I-591

NO on I-594

NO on I-1351. We all want to support teachers and see kids succeed in school. But this budget-busting initiative has little to do with either. Instead, it requires $4B dollars of extra spending in the next biennium with two-thirds going to administration and overhead. Under the pretense of smaller class sizes, I-1351  provides no funding mechanism for this additional spending. It would lead to tax increases and pressure to impose a state income tax.


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