Mama Bear Is Ticked

Bear in Zoo


Mama Bear is ticked. And I don’t mean just a little cranky. I mean royally hacked off. As in, how stupid are these people?

Let me explain.

Last Saturday The Big Guy received a notice that ye olde postal carrier missed him in an attempt to deliver a letter via certified mail. We entered the tracking number into the USPS web site and found that the letter originated in Kansas City, MO.  We don’t know anyone in them thar parts.  So we got to spend the rest of the weekend wondering who the heck was sending TBG a document via certified mail and why.

The Big Guy submitted the notice at the Aberdeen post office and picked up ye olde certified mail. Know who it was from? Go ahead. Guess. Drawing a blank? Okay, I’ll you. It was a fund-raising letter from Jerry Moran of the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The opening line?

First, I sincerely apologize if receiving this letter via Certified Mail caused any alarm or difficulties – I simply couldn’t risk failing to reach you in time with five winnable Senate races calling me for help.

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Hey,  Jer. A little newsflash: Anyone who sends me anything via Certified Mail better have a darn good reason to do so. Like President Obola is leaving the country for the dark side of the moon, here’s your Bon Voyage party invitation. Or I’ve just inherited a lifetime supply of Hershey’s with almonds. Asking me to rush you an “emergency Victory Gift to win a Republican Senate Majority and start ending all this Obama/Reid chaos and dysfunction” DOESN’T QUALIFY.

Know how much these pinheads spent on this mailing? $3.79. Each. I’m not making this up. Check the photos. Now multiply the cost of this single mailing by say, a factor of 10,000. Or more. Then do the math. No wonder this outfit is begging for bucks. Factor in the negativity this ploy is likely to generate. I can only imagine how badly this little stunt will backfire. (Tip: Don’t send these folks a red cent. Donate to a local candidate instead.)

And ticking off Mama Grizzly? That’s just dumb.