Prince Valiant Sighted/Cited/Sited in Montesano?


Sorry that Valiant Vidette Editor Steven Friederich has allegedly had trouble getting his public records requests filled. An amazing writer and a friend, Friederich lives in the Hoquiam area.

Friederich has had his investigator hat on and is interested in, among other things, the issues involving ADA compliance and accommodations for Montesano City Councilwoman Marisa Salzer, who used to work at the Vidette. When verbally invited to submit a guest column to The Vidette on the subject, yours truly politely declined. Not on my bucket list.  Besides, I already did the “column” thing on this topic. More than once. And I’m not through yet.

You see, I already have my own “column.” Audience. Reach. Unfiltered voice (you can take that any way you want). And virtually unlimited space. Batteries not included. Accessories sold separately.

But Steven’s a good guy. Friendly. Engaging. Kind. So I thanked him for the invitation. Said I appreciated the offer, but was not interested. Might take a rain check.

Speaking of friends, let’s pause for a minute (and save about 1,130 words). Friends can come in handy. Especially if you’re an esteemed columnist for The Vidette/editor of Montesano Today, who – in his own words – apparently gets public records request data “along with all the docs I asked for” from Montesano Council Member Marisa Salzer.

Silly me.

Here I am, thinking that John or Johnette Q. Public all have to go through the same process. Make the request. Submit the form. Wait in line. Pay the copying fee.  Etc.

Who’da thunk that all I had to do was cozy up to a select council member and be fed “all the docs I asked for,” pronto?

Does that come with a side of fries?

Let’s see what happens next.


Tom email



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2 thoughts on “Prince Valiant Sighted/Cited/Sited in Montesano?

  1. How is it legal for a council person to send all of those copies that you and I have been paying for to the press for free? You just need to make friends with the Montesano Today CEO and get it all for a little free press. Silly you. I love the Chihuahua chronicles. Keep them coming


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