‘Americans for Real Change’: Real Deal or Something Else?

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Have you seen it? Former New York Gov. George Pataki recently launched a new TV ad calling for a “new America” with less government and “more freedom.”

Launched through a Super PAC called “Americans for Real Change,” the ad features Pataki speaking directly to the camera. He says:

When America’s economy is struggling, and Washington is booming, it’s time for a new America.”

“Big government benefits the rich and powerful. They can afford to play the game; you can’t. It’s time for a new America, with much smaller federal government. Washington can’t run he economy, and shouldn’t try to run our lives.”

“Less government. More freedom. Log on. Join us.”

State of Politics reports that “Pataki says the goal of the ad is to ‘launch a renaissance in Conservative thought.’ But it’s also clearly an effort by the moderate New York Republican to reintroduce himself as a fiscal conservative.”

“Less government” and “more freedom” warms my li’l ‘ole conservative heart. But is this outfit the Real Deal? Or is someone just prepping for a White House run? (Just for kicks and grins, yours truly joined the email list. This could get interesting.)

What do you think?