Your Tax Dollars at Work…?


The mailer below was brought to my attention the other day. I’m posting it here because it’s interesting. Particularly when you note the return address. That’s right: Washington Health Plan Finder, the “official ACA-compliant Health Benefit Exchange, is an online marketplace where you can shop for free and low-cost health plans.”

Why is the Secretary of State mailing voter registration forms to those on Washington Health Benefit Exchange records? Are these forms going to anyone else? Did you get a voter registration form from your private insurer?

According to the Seattle Times, 146,000 people purchased health insurance via the state exchange as of last April. And:

More than 268,000 newly qualified people have enrolled in Medicaid, called Apple Health in Washington — twice the state’s goal and a number it hadn’t expected to reach until 2018.

Besides the newly eligible enrollees, an additional 135,000 people signed up who qualified for Medicaid under the previous, more stringent rules but had not already enrolled.

The Times notes that these numbers “will keep rising,” pointing out that those who qualify for Medicaid can sign up throughout the year.  Counting those who bought insurance through Healthplanfinder and those who signed up or renewed for Medicaid, “more than 960,000 people have enrolled in health care through the site since its launch Oct. 1.”

Did every single one of them receive a voter registration form in the mail?

The recipient of this mailing assures me she’s been registered to vote since shortly after the Mayflower made landfall. Why is she getting another voter registration mailing? Is this a duplicate mailing? How much is this costing the taxpayers?

Does anyone recall the SOS sending out voter registration forms on the state dime prior to Obamacare? Another unintended side benefit of this “landmark legislation,” brought to you courtesy of Democrats?

Is this fun, or what?

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