I-594: ‘Cutest Little Trick in Shoe Leather’?

Gun Twisted

I’m stealing a line from Rhett Butler and calling the pro –I-594 propaganda piece below – I mean mailer –  “the cutest little trick in shoe leather.” Because that’s what it is. Sort of.

This puppy arrived in the mail last week. Brought to you by the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility. If it hasn’t slithered into your mail box yet, don’t worry. It probably will.

You gotta give this outfit credit. This is one slick marketing piece. Four full-sizes pages. Full color. Glossy paper stock. It’s even fam-friendly and patriotic, featuring a photo of dad and junior against a star-spangled, We The People backdrop.

Flat 1 Flat 2

They don’t miss a beat.

And don’tcha love the sub-title? This mailer isn’t just your regular, average, garden-variety “election guide.” No siree, Bob! This here’s “An Election Guide for Responsible Gun Owners.” Like anyone’s going to put out an election guide for irresponsible gun owners?

Note the fine print on the reverse side (upper left) listing the organization’s five top contributors. While you’re scaring up your glasses, I’ll list them here:


  • Nicolas Hanauer
  • Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund
  • William Gates III
  • Melinda Gates
  • Paul Allen

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal:

Initiative 594 has raised about $8.9 million from Bill and Melinda Gates, Michael Bloomberg‘s advocacy group, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and Expedia and Zillow founder Rich Barton, among other tech leaders.

Much of that support is because of venture capitalist and entrepreneur Nick Hanauer.

You’ve probably heard of most of these folks. But who is Nick Hanauer? To give you an idea: Besides donating “nearly $2 million” to the Yes on I-594 campaign, he’s also been advocating for the city’s $15 minimum wage law. He keynoted on Redefining Capitalism at the Seattle Interactive Conference in October. Connect those dots.

And the ubiquitous Everytown for Gun Safety? That’s a political committee founded and funded by ex-New York Mayor and gun grabber Michael Bloomberg. It’s poured nearly $2 million into the initiative. EGS is also endorsing “state and federal candidates from both parties for their leadership in fighting to keep our communities safe from gun violence.”

Why is big money from outside Washington funding I-594? Simple. Because it’s about a whole lot more than Washington. Reports Guns.com:

 In defending the outlay, Everytown officials state that what is seemingly just a state ballot initiative that will affect 7 million Washingtonians is actually a national line in the sand in the fight against gun violence. (Emphasis added.)

Mark it. Washington is a test case. If this poorly worded, misguided initiative to help “save lives while protecting our Second Amendment rights” passes in the ‘EverBlue State’ – and it likely will – look for similar measures to crop up all across the fruited plain.

I expect the NRA and the Second Amendment Foundation are lining up lawyers left and right. If this puppy passes, let’s take a page out of the lefty playbook and run to the nearest courthouse to file suit. Do Not Pass Go. Do not collect $200.

 Oh, and that mailer? It was addressed to me. Not The Big Guy. Not both of us. Me. When/if you get yours, you can always do what I did: mark it “Return to Sender” and “walk it back.”

 See? I told you it’s the cutest little trick in shoe leather.

Ted_Cruz,_official_portrait,_113th_CongressOn a totally unrelated note: last night I was on a conference call hosted by the Senate Conservatives Fund. Speakers included the usual line-up: Mike Lee, Joni Ernst, Tom Cotton, etc. Sen. Ted Cruz came on the line last, as the hour+-long call wound down. Know why he was last? Because it was his daughter’s birthday. Yes. He came on the line and said he was just coming out of Chuck E. Cheese’s, where he was celebrating his daughter’s 4th birthday.

Eight days before the election and Cruz is doing the dad-daughter birthday thing. I’m liking this guy more and more.


Photo credit: public domain (official portrait); public domain