Montesano: ‘Remember to Phrase Your Answers in the Form of a Question’

Monte city hall

Welcome to another exciting round of everybody’s favorite game show, Montesano Jeopardy. Let’s meet our fave contestants: Council Member Marisa Salzer and the rest of the city council, Club Chihuahua and the Wa-Wa Gang, and a truckload of yellow paint. Remember to phrase your answers in the form of a question.

Here’s our first round:

At an executive session of the Montesano City Council Meeting two meetings ago, interpreter Alice Akrish provided translation for Council Member Marisa Salzer.  The council came out of the session interpreted by Akrish and voted on a land sale.  Salzer was the tie breaker and voted against the sale.

In light of Salzer’s refusal to vote at Tuesday night’s city council meeting based on “I can’t understand the interpreter” (the same Ms. Akrish who provided interpretive services previously), let’s take a gander at some Double Jeopardy questions.

  • Does this mean that if Salzer did not understand the interpreter, her vote should not have been counted?
  •  Should the land sale be rendered null and void?
  •  Is a recount in the wings?
  •  Should all prior city business conducted while Ms. Akrish was signing  get a Mulligan?

And in the Final Jeopardy round:

  • Shall we start unraveling, or would we wind up with piles of yarn or a great yarn?
  • How much more time, effort and resources is the city expected to expend on this issue?
  • Is this about “reasonable accommodation” and ADA compliance, or something else?
  • When do we hit a Daily Double?

Hi, Alex….