FRIDAY FUN: ’40 More Years’: No Wonder Their Mascot is a Jacka**

6ece5-donkeyThis post originally appeared in February 2014. I’ve fielded a few requests for a re-run.  I didn’t want to make you wait till next April Fool’s Day, so Halloween seemed appropriate. Enjoy. – Ed


James Carville’s  40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation should remove all doubt as to why the Democrat mascot is a jackass.

Not to overstate the obvious here, but notice the word “rule” in the title. That should be clue one. Earth to Jimbo: This is America. We don’t have “rulers” here; we have public servants. If you’re lookin’ for that other kind of gig, find another country. Like China.

Then again,  what can one expect from a book written by a guy who thinks Eric Holder is a saint, tags global warming an “incontrovertible fact” and can’t figure out that abstinence actually works… every time it’s tried? And that’s just for starters.

Speaking of starters, Uncle Jimmy begins by cataloguing Bush administration failures and then swoops into cooing over Bush’s successor, Babalu Barry. The book was published in 2008, before Obama incompetence and ineptitude made Bush look like a piker.

What a difference a few years make:

Poll: Obama Viewed as Less Competent, More Dishonest than Bush.

How ’bout:  Poll: Obama Less Ethical Than Clinton or Bush.

Or Bush More Popular Than Obama.

Dontcha hate it when that happens?

Anyway, the introduction and subsequent chapters whack Republicans – particularly George Bush – for incompetence, corruption and over-spending, global warming, and every other imaginable ill. It’s kind of refreshing. To hear Jimmy tell it, “Republican” must = God.

Don’t Start With ‘P’

Jimbo really gets rolling in his Chapter 8 meltdown, We Argue About things That Aren’t Arguable? Insisting that evolution is an “incontrovertible” fact on p. 88, he then turns around and cites an “Evolution FAQ” from PBS that uses the word “theory” five times in one paragraph. (In things political, the two crucial letters in ‘PBS’ don’t start with “P.”)

Here’s another gem: “Creationist propaganda has no place in our schools.” But apparently evolutionist propaganda does?

Carville also insists global warming is an “established fact.” Whatever.


Trying to prove his point further, Carville cites a nefarious review of the Ben Stein flick, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, from that bastion of conservatism, the New York Times. What Carville misses is that the NYT piece does exactly what Expelled says it and its ideological buddy boys do when anyone dares disagree with “big science” on evolution: lock up their free speech rights. Nicely done, NYT and Jimmy!

The rest of the chapter is peppered with the usual Carvelle-isms. Here’s an example: “The modern Republican party doesn’t seem to understand the difference between fact and opinion” (p. 91).

Jimbo oughtta know.

He’s Kidding, Right?

Chapter nine, Just the Facts, Ma’am, is perhaps Carville’s best, largely because it’s also the shortest, at two and a half pages.  He concludes the chapter with:

“It’s my high hope that Obama continues on his own refreshingly post-partisan, post-ideological course.”

Come back to planet earth yet, Jimmy?

Chapter 10, Spike the Ball: Truman-Carville-Bartels vs. Limbaugh-Gingrich-Bush, focuses on economic policy. Sort of.  The “humble author” says, “In four years, when I write my next book, this chapter will chronicle the superior performance of Obama economic policies over Bushian economics…”

Anytime you want to stop rolling around on the floor laughing your head off, dear readers, let me know. (That’s okay. I’ll wait.)

A Real Howler

Chapter 12, Accountability, Not Reform, is a real howler in light of Obama scandalabra. This is followed by a sharp turn from coherence in the Conclusion, where Jimmy throws just about everyone under the bus, including Terry Schiavo (p. 171). Regarding Schaivo, he includes this charming comment, “There’s never been a case of more asinine science or a more pathetic use of medicine.”

Magnum Doofus

This only thing this magnum doofus lacks is a coupla dancing bears. Oh, wait. They show up in chapter 13, The Real Deal, where Carville intros his “Big Idea.” Bears aside, Carville is essentially proposing just another round of big government.

Like Water is Wet

The one thing Carville does get right is in chapter 11, Youth Voters, where he posits the brilliant notion that the party that energizes and mobilizes young people will win the future. It’s kind of like observing that water is wet. Of course, Jimbo thinks DemoLibs own American youth, lock, stop and barrel. He doesn’t give young people enough credit, just like his co-author, Rebecca Buckwalter Poza.  Carville was 64 when he wrote the book. He notes that  Buckwalter-Poza supplied valuable research and insight on the topic. Maybe that’s why he magnanimously includes her name on the jacket – in microscopic print beneath his own.

Out of Touch and Out to Lunch

40 More Years is Exhibit A in just how out of touch and out to lunch most DemoLib policies and politics really are. It’s a howler. The funniest part? Carville really thinks the party of Despair, Dependency and Debt is anything but. But if that doesn’t quite do it, check this out:

Not sure if ‘ole Jimmy’s been eating too much Cajun lately, or if he’s just auditioning for Bozo the Clown.

No wonder the Democrat mascot is a jacka**.