Election Prediction and The Man Behind the Curtain


If Democrats get shellacked in the mid-terms today, watch for the Lefty spin machine to kick into overdrive by Wednesday. If there’s a Republican surge anywhere in sight and/or the GOP wins the Senate, “the morning after” Lefty message will probably sound something like:

“This election is meaningless. Just a hiccup. An aberration. No dissatisfication here. No message. No Republican mandate. This election doesn’t mean anything – except that too many voters just don’t understand how much we’re trying to share the love and tell them what’s best for them. Nothing to see here, people. Move along, move along. Oh, and by the way: When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you.”

Trounced Democrat Translation:


Demolibs have been running from Prez Obola this year like a cat from a cold bath. But remember: The politics and policies of the Party of Debt, Dependency and Detroit and its fearless leader aren’t/weren’t on the ballot. Were not. Were not. Were not! Neither was:

Remember again, you ungrateful creatures! The great Oz has spoken…! 



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Photo credit: public domain