Grays Harbor Election Results & Ickey Woods

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(Don’t let the door hitcha on your way out!

On second thought… )

Just had to get that out of my system.

Okay. Closer to home, initial election results in Grays Harbor panned out pretty much as expected. Vickie Raines (NP) easily outdistanced Keith Olson (R) for County Commissioner in District 3.  As expected, Russ Skolrood bested challenger John Straka and Steve Tharinger (D) defeated Thomas Greisamer (R).

Bummers: I-591 loses and I-594 passes (I told you so). Ditto Mike Spencer loss. However, I-591 won handily in Grays Harbor, 56.92% to 43.08%. Ditto I-594, with Harborites voting 52.61% No and 47.39% yes.

The next tabulation is scheduled for November 7.

Early Post-Mortem:

Even with Al “that’s a woman for ya” Smith throwing support behind Olson and Commissioner Frank Gordon’s anti-Vickie shenanigans, Olson was no match for the Raines juggernaut. Grays Harbor voters saw through the Frank and Al version of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. They rejected it. Twice.

A genuinely nice guy, Olson also got a whole lot of not much from the local Republican Party. But keep an eye on this guy. Olson is worth watching.

Biggest Losers:

1) Commissioner Frank Gordon (D).

Since neither Gordon-backed candidate cleared the primary, Gordon now gets to work with a tough, no-nonsense lady whom he tried to throw under the bus every five minutes. Will he be able to keep up with her? Bonus points: Gordon is likely to lose his commish chairmanship to Wes Cormier.

2) The Grays Harbor Democrat Party.

The party that hasn’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson failed to advance its commish candidate past the primary for the First. Time. Ever. Is the single-party stranglehold on Grays Harbor finally in its death throes?

Oh, boo-hoo.

3) The Grays Harbor Republican Party.
The local party not only managed to lose every race that matters in this election, it also lost its Commission majority.  As noted by The Daily World four years ago, “Democrats have had sole control of all county offices since 1982.” That changed in 2010. Now it’s kinda-sorta gone sideways, if not backwards. Grays Harbor Republicans won a majority on the Commission for the first time in 80+ years when Wes Cormier ousted Terry Willis (D) in 2012. It took them just two years to lose it.

Biggest Winners:

1) Grays Harbor.

With Raines and Cormier in office, the commission will hopefully have a fiscally conservative majority, something this county hasn’t seen since Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic. Let’s see how this plays out.

2) Commissioner Wes Cormier, who will be the next County Commission Chair.

Meanwhile, it may not be all “cold cuts” tonight. But it’s close: