WHAT Is the GHGOP Thinking?

While a red tsunami swept the country on Tuesday and Republicans racked up gains not seen since the Great Depression, the Grays Harbor Republican Party got skunked.  Maybe that explains this curious November 5 Facebook post from the local GOP:

Grays Harbor Republican Party's photo.

Please join me in congratulating Vickie Raines. her and her team ran a great campaign we are looking forward to working with her for the next 4 years. Congratulations Commissioner Raines!


Congratulating a winner is always good form. But when it comes to elections, you’d think that a political party might congratulate and thank its own candidate first. Or concurrently. Even if he came up short. Maybe especially if he came up short.

So congratulations, Keith Olson. You worked hard and ran a clean campaign. Thank you and well done.



4 thoughts on “WHAT Is the GHGOP Thinking?

  1. I appreciate your comments Conservelocity. Thank you, very much. Many Republican members did thank me via phone, emails, Facebook and in person. But comments do mean a lot, particularly coming from a respected website such as yours. Keith Olson


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